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Suspended Access Equipment Chamber

The Institute for Work at HeightSuspended Access Equipment Chamber

Suspended Access Equipment Chamber

The Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) Chamber of the IWH Professional Body represents the practitioners involved in working at height by using temporary suspended access equipment as the primary means of positioning and fall protection.
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Companies, Partnerships or Individuals engaged with suspended access platforms.

Suspended Access Equipment (SAE) is the generic terms that covers two specific forms of suspended work platforms namely;

  • Building Maintenance Units
  • Temporary Suspended Platforms

A BMU is normally installed on a permanent basis on a building structure where ongoing maintenance of the façade is required. A multi storey office building with large areas of flush glazed windows that need regular cleaning is a good example.

A TSP appears at first glance to be the same as BMUs but there are some differences between them, notably;

  • These units are normally used on construction sites and are more robust, carry heavier loads and are bigger.
  • The suspension ropes and power cables hang freely down to the ground
  • The sides of the platform are normally open
  • The units are installed for short duration work
  • Are normally suspended from static overhead fixing points

When selecting a training provider we recommend the following;

  • That the Provider is accredited, with the relevant SETA, to provide training covering the qualifications required.
  • That the Assessors and Moderators are registered constituent members of that SETA.
  • That the Training Provider is recognised the relevant Professional Body for the industry.
  • That the Professional Body is registered with SAQA.

For more information contact the office for detail regarding the Working at Height Guidelines