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Falsework Chamber

Falsework Chamber

The IWH Professional Body’s Falsework Chamber represents all persons involved with working at height whilst using any available falsework systems or falsework components. Falsework may incorporate access and working platforms which are used to erect and dismantle the components that make up a falsework system. Alternatively, independent scaffolding may be erected within or adjacent to the erected temporary falsework structure.
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Companies, Partnerships or Individuals engaged with support work and formwork.

Contractors must ensure that all person that install scaffolding understand their specific roles and are trained to:

  • Identify each component and understand the function of each component
  • Safely install and make alterations to assembled components
  • Understand the safe use of each component
  • Safely handle scaffolding components
  • Safely dismantle the installed / erected components

When selecting a training provider we recommend the following;

  • That the Provider is accredited, with the relevant SETA, to provide training covering the qualifications required.
  • That the Assessors and Moderators are registered constituent members of that SETA.
  • That the Training Provider is recognised the relevant Professional Body for the industry.
  • That the Professional Body is registered with SAQA.


  • All persons working with Falsework should at least comply with the relevant National and International standards. In the absence of a South African Falsework Standard, the recommended adopted falsework standards should be either EN or BSI. There are other standards that apply when there is a combination of falsework and scaffolding in use.

For more information contact the office for detail regarding the Working at Height Guidelines.